Destro mask concept

G.I. JOE director Stephen Sommers has posted this interesting bit of concept art over on his website. It shows illustrator Matt Codd’s take on the classic Destro mask, and Sommers says he gave him old JOE comics and action figures to work off of. The finished product is supposed to look a lot like this, which would imply that this alleged screenshot of the mask might not be as legit as we thought.

The mask looks very imposing to be sure, though I’m hoping the real prop has some eye holes, or else Christopher Eccleston will don the mask, stumble around blindly, then suffocate to death onscreen. Not exactly the most honorable way for a supervillain to go.

The Destro mask is fine, but I think what we’re all really anxious to see is what Cobra Commander looks like, as the first glimpses of his mask are a bit discouraging say the least.

Extra Tidbit: I'm seriously considering dressing up as Snake Eyes for the office Halloween party this year. There's no law against bringing a katana to work right?



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