Details emerge on what it will take to see Anchorman and Zoolander sequels

Last week, it was declared that ANCHORMAN 2 was officially dead when director Adam McKay said Paramount essentially passed on the project. Similar news hit ZOOLANDER 2 today when Ben Stiller tweeted that the movie was going the way of Ron Burgundy without enough funds to make a sequel worthwhile for the studio.

But all hope is not lost, at least not yet, as new details are emerging on what exactly the two projects needs to get on track.

The word from Deadline is that Paramount DOES want to make the films, but only if each cost around $40M to make. Why are they so hesitant? Well, as much of a cult phenomenon as both films were, the original ANCHORMAN and ZOOLANDER only took in $5M and $15M overseas, and their domestic totals of $85M and $45M apiece. Decent, and profitable at the time, but not exactly confidence inspiring for the studio if audiences fail to get hyped for larger budgeted sequels.

But honestly, I really think the studio is underestimating the potential of both franchises. Yes, these sequels SHOULD have been made much, much sooner, when audience's interest levels were the highest, but even now, there would be PLENTY of people who would flock to a sequel for either franchise, as both films practically have a nostalgia factor to them these days.

$40M does seem like a rather small budget, especially with the stars needed for each film, but comedies rarely get love from studios, and those involved with the films will just have to make some sacrifices if they want the sequels to see the light of day. I predict at least one of these, if not both will end up made in the end, and will make more cash than Paramount thinks.

Extra Tidbit: If only one could be made, which would you rather see?
Source: Deadline



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