Devil getting his due?

You might not remember much about THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER and the only reason I remember it at all is that it was one of the first movies I covered when I started here at JoBlo.com (still using the nom de plume "Joey Baloney" I ran some shots from the set). That was seven years and only today in 2007 does it look like the film is finally getting released. Directed by Alec Baldwin, the film stars himself, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Anthony Hopkins in the remake of the 1941 film of the same name. The movie will now be released by the Yari Film Group (THE ILLUSIONIST) under the name SHORTCUT TO HAPPINESS. Only problem is, after numerous post-production delays, Baldwin became incensed and took his name of the film. Yari is hoping to get Baldwin back involved to approve the new cut and possibly do some press for the film. The film will get some kind of theatrical release and will then run on the Starz channel in an exclusive deal. No real clue as to why the film was picked up now, all these years later, for a release but I guess later is better than never. Right?...

Source: Variety



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