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Devil May Cry goes from game console to cineplexes


While there certainly haven't been many videogames that have been adapted into satisfying feature films, every Gamestop has shelves packed with further opportunities for movie studio executives to press start and try again.

A movie based on Capcom's stylish monster-fighting action game DEVIL MAY CRY is now in the works at Screen Gems, who has previously helped bring the RESIDENT EVIL franchise to live-action (plus movies that basically seemed like they could've been based on videogames, like UNDERWORLD and LEGION).

The frenetic combat games follow the sword-swinging, pistol-packing hero Dante, a half-demon occult detective who uses crazy acrobatics to battle evil and avenge his mother. The series has spanned four games, plus an upcoming reboot of the franchise.

The studio has given the assignment to screenwriter Kyle Ward, who's got game-movie experience from adapting KANE & LYNCH and writing HITMAN 2.

Extra Tidbit: Is there a game you think would actually make a decent movie?
Source: Variety



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