Diary of a Wimpy Kid trailer

If you've never seen them, those DIARY OF A WIMPY KID books are like TWILIGHT for grade school boys. I happened to be at a book store when the most recent version came out and it was a madhouse of moms and kids lining up to pick up their copies. And one of the cardinal rules of Hollywood is, No popular book shall remain unadapated, so Fox was smart enough to snatch up the rights and make a movie.

Steve Zahn pops up as the dad and you get a brief glimpse at future Hit Girl Chloe Moritz (no C-word here though) but mostly it's a cast of unknowns. And you know what? It surprisingly works. Maybe this is just coming from somewhat of a nerdy little kid but I'd go see this movie 100 times before I'd go see THE TOOTH FAIRY. Check it out below:

Extra Tidbit: Just because you eat dirt doesn't make you nerdy. That stuff is good for you. Full of iron....
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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