Diary of the Dead poster

To answer the question posed by the new poster for George Romero’s DIARY OF THE DEAD, on Faceboook. I’m not certain what the marketers behind this poster were trying to achieve by asking me that question, but if they intended to show me what an insignificant life I live, they succeeded. They’re also showing me that for his fifth zombie movie, George Romero is turning his (digital) camera on the YouTube generation. It’s blogger brain these undead crave. DIARY will be shot POV style, much like movie-du-jour CLOVERFIELD. A bunch of college kids are making their own horror movie when the zombies attack, and I’m not sure if the camera is found or if we’re watching things as they unfold, but this being a Romero film, you can bet it will be rife with gore, guts, and social commentary. Opening on February the 15th.

Extra Tidbit: Romero is calling this movie a reboot of the 'Dead' franchise, or in his own words, a "rejigging of the myth."
Source: /Film



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