Diaz/Carrey back on?

Just a few short months after the project was halted and considered altogether dead, A LITTLE GAME has found new life. Originally set to star Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz, the film abruptly fell apart back in October after the two actors and director Gabriele Muccino (THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS) had disagreements over the direction of the script. Producer James Schamus, however, wasn't willing to let the project die. He has now convinced frequent collaborator Ang Lee to come aboard to give the project new life. Lee will work with Schamus on a rewrite of the script and would begin filming GAME after wrapping LUST, CAUTION, a WWII pic set in Shanghai. As for Carrey and Diaz, it's unlikely either of them would return for this iteration. The film is based on a French play and follows a couple who look to trick their friends by telling everyone they've broken up. But once they do and start hearing their friends' honest opinions, they begin to have second thoughts about their relationship. Carrey can be seen next in the thriller THE NUMBER 23 while Diaz lent her voice to SHREK 3 opening this summer.

Extra Tidbit: This film marks the second time Diaz and Carrey tried to reteam after the MASK. FUN WITH DICK AND JANE was originally set to star Diaz as well but she was forced to drop out.
Source: Variety



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