Did Dwayne Johnson just announce that he'll be playing Shazam?

There's been talk of whether or not that the rumored DC line-up will actually come to fruition. One of the biggest surprises of that line-up was a Shazam stand-alone film hitting in July of 2016. Given that audiences in the realm of cinema have little-to-no idea who/what/when/where/why Shazam is, I can see how the announcement of his own film might seem a little far-fetched. However, there have been rumors of Dwayne Johnson playing a DC character for some time now and there has been talk of him donning a ring of power and going Green Lantern on us. A recent interview with him says that this is not the case, as Johnson states that he will NOT be Green Lantern. This isn't just a flat-out denial though, as Johnson goes on to say that DC has another character in mind for him.

When asked about which character he would be excited to play in the DC universe:

That's a smart question right there. DC and I have been talking for a couple of years now about trying to find whatever the right character is; who's the right character. It's also tricky too because there's baggage, and it's good baggage that I have, ya know? I am a certain way and my wiring is my wiring and my DNA is my DNA. When I step on set and on screen I'm aware of what I'm able to bring to a character and so is DC. I will say this: there's a character out there that we're going to announce very soon that I'm gonna play. I'll just say this: the power of Superman and it's not Green Lantern. This character has the power of Superman, he can throw down . . . just say the word. That's all I'm gonna say!

Perhaps the proverbial word in this case is "Shazam?" If DC's line-up is any indication, we'll probably start hearing cast and crew announcements soon. If we're going to measure by MAN OF STEEL standards, then I imagine quite a bit of post-production will be needed. Regardless, getting a Shazam flick two years from now is not out of the question. If it is true, then we should be hearing official confirmation not too far from now.

If you need your Rock fix sooner, you can check him out in Brett Ratner's HERCULES, which hits theaters this Friday.

Extra Tidbit: How do you feel about the character? Do you think Johnson can do him justice?
Source: Total Film



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