Did you know these 50 movies are racist?

There's always going to be a film every so often with "culturally" insensitive" material on the surface, but every now then, you'll get a film with very questionable racial subtext. AVATAR recently was being talked about as such (and in turn, THE LAST SAMURAI and DANCES WITH WOLVES because of their similar storylines).

Now I'm not sure what to make of this list, "The 50 Most Racist Movies You Didn't Think Were Racist", put together by the guys over at Complex Magazine. A lot of their picks are reeeaaally reaching. But by that same token, they didn't f*ck up and include something like DO THE RIGHT THING (which I saw a commenter over there totally miss the point about) seeing as how racism is the whole point of that film.

What do you guys think? Check out the entire list RIGHT HERE and discuss.
Extra Tidbit: CHASING PAPI? That was a movie for Hispanics by Hispanics (and we really are that lascivious)! It was terrible, but still.



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