Die Hard spots

I don't really know what else can be said about LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD that hasn't already. Yes, we all hate the rating, but we also love ol' Bruce and I at least have faith that he's going to deliver, regardless. Click HERE to check out a bunch of TV spots for the movie which opens 27th June. There's some new footage in there (especially in the last one), but generally its mostly the same pieces, with the car bouncing on two cars, and the jumping off the plane thing. I could still be recovering from the TRANSFORMERS trailer yesterday, which has left me prone to hyperbole, but I really feel like Michael Bay and the guys raised the bar. I was already willing to sell my spleen for opening day tickets, but the new trailer raised the ante to my liver, or maybe my girlfriend. These four TV spots for LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD are sweet, but there's nothing really juicy, or indeed new in there that makes me think damn, I have to see that movie. Don't get me wrong, I definitely will, but it would have been nice to see a bit more. By now we get it, of course he saw it, he did it!
Extra Tidbit: HERE is the power of the McClane gene.
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