Director Dexter Fletcher exits Queen biopic due to creative differences

And another one bites the dust...due to "creative differences." It's the reason why Sacha Baron Cohen left the planned Freddie Mercury and Queen biopic last year, and now director Dexter Fletcher has exited it for the same reason, according to Deadline.

Cohen had dropped out of the project because he wanted to make an R-rated Queen movie, and the surviving members of the band wanted it to be more of a PG movie. Deadline says the film will be R, but sources say the director and Graham King (his GK Films is producing), "didn’t see eye to eye," on the plans for the biopic.

Ben Whishaw is still attached to play frontman Freddie Mercury, however he's going to be pretty busy soon filming BOND 24, and Deadline has heard rumblings Sony is nervous about the film. The studio has of course denied it, but it's been a battle to get this sucker to the big screen, and you have to wonder if it'll get to a point where they decide to just pull the plug on the movie.

We're going to have to wait and see what happens with this troubled project.

Extra Tidbit: With Dexter Fletcher out, who do you think should direct the Queen movie?
Source: Deadline



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