Director Fede Alvarez has sold a top secret sci-fi project

So EVIL DEAD turned out to be, well, not so bad. I thought it was far from the "disaster" we were expecting. Director Fede Alvarez took a beloved horror classic and turned it into something of his own without disrespecting what audiences had loved about the original.

If you liked what you saw there, it seems that Alvarez has sold his top secret sci-fi project to MRC. Unforunately, we can't tell you anything about it since it is...top secret.

Alvarez will co-write the script with his partner Rodo Sayagues.

Did you guys ever see the short film PANIC ATTACK that Alvarez made that caused all the buzz surrounding him? If not, I've included it below. The film shows an attack of giant robots on Uruguay. It's like CLOVERFIELD, PACIFIC RIM, and a bunch of explosions.

That all said, what was your opinion of Alvarez's take on EVIL DEAD? Are you looking forward to seeing what more he can do with sci-fi?

Source: THR



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