Director Kenny Ortega says that talk of Thriller adaptation might have been a little premature

If you weren't too excited about the idea of a full-length adaptation of Michael Jackson's THRILLER, then this news might set you at ease.

Kenny Ortega (THIS IS IT, HOCUS POCUS) told Entertainment Weekly, “It got put out there before I’ve even really had a chance to think about it too much. It is still in very, very early stages of development. The [Michael Jackson] estate would have to sign off on it. I have been a part of some early creative meetings and if all goes well, I think it could happen in the next couple of years.”

It's a pretty ambitious project to say the least. Also, it feels a little wrong and a little late to be doing this project especially since Michael Jackson isn't with us anymore. The 14-minute music video that debuted back in 1983 was a mixture of some of the best things: dancing zombies, ghouls, graveyards, Vincent Price, creepy yellow eyes, John Landis directing, and a super cool song. Why not just leave it as is?

EW asked Oretega if he was a tad nervous to reimagine the video, “Michael used to say to me that there is nothing to be afraid of and fear just gets in the way anyway. We were very good friends. I miss him. And I would never do anything to ruin his memory or one of his creations. But like I said, it is so early, so who knows what will materialize?”

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Michael Jackson song? Mine was always "The Way You Make Me Feel".



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