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Director Paul Greengrass decides not to take a Fantastic Voyage


Paul Greengrass didn't spend too long investigating the body of the FANTASTIC VOYAGE remake. Deadline says the two-time BOURNE director has already moved on, just a couple of months after first expressing interest in Fox's big-budget 3D project.

Even though the new VOYAGE comes with the superproducing power of James Cameron, Greengrass is apparently instead considering a new TREASURE ISLAND, a "stylized adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson novel that SHERLOCK HOLMES producer Lionel Wigram is working on at Warner Bros.," which might be more appropriate for the director's quivering hand.

FANTASTIC VOYAGE is currently seeking someone more qualified to destroy brain cells. Speaking of which, a remake of the 1966 sci-fi flick has been in the works for years, with world-ender Roland Emmerich once involved.

The original movie followed a crew miniaturized scientists (and Raquel Welch) on their journey inside an injured diplomat to perform some internal surgery.

Extra Tidbit: Slide, slide, slippity slide...



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