Dirk Gently on BBC?

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Believers in the fundamental intercorrectedness of all things can rejoice, or despair depending where you stand on adapting a great book: Douglas Adams' other creation Dirk Gently is coming to the BBC. Not a movie, but I dare say adapting it for TV might be better. Or, you know, longer.

The announcement came from Ed Victor, literary agent who represents the late Douglas Adams' estate, during the week-end at the Hitchcon Convention which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the first Hitchhiker's book while also launching the 6th, "And another Thing", written by Eoin Colfer (he of Artemis Fowl fame). If I say I'm eager to read it, how badly will I get kicked in the stones by Adams fans in here?

Victor called the two Dirk Gently novels "the greatest storytelling opportunity for television since Star Trek", but warns that the BBC ain't exactly moving at warp speed on such things, just like for its planned re-adaptation of H2G2 on TV.

So until they get a move on, who could or should be Gently?

Extra Tidbit: Reminds me that Adams' good buddies of Monty Python are doing a Q&A with the IFC which will be streamed live on the net this Thursday Oct 15 at 9pm eastern. Just thought I'd mention it.
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