Dirty Dancing 2 a go...

Those terrible awful rumors you heard about an updated sequel of DIRTY DANCING starring (gulp) Ricky Martin, were indeed true. Miramax and Artisan, partners on the project, have hired Guy Ferland (BANG, BANG, YOU'RE DEAD) to direct the new film titled (double gulp) HAVANA NIGHTS. While Martin (or anyone for that matter) hasn't been cast yet, the rumors that he and Natalie Portman might actually come to fruition. HAVANA is only a sequel of DIRTY conceptually as this film will take place in 1959 Cuba as a young girl falls for a local dancer and you can guess what happens next. The plot line pretty much follows the first to film to a tee. My only request if they must (and it appears they must) go ahead with this film, is to include "nobody puts Baby in a corner." Weird fact of the day: This film will be produced by the same man, Lawrence Bender, who produced PULP FICTION and KILL BILL. Talk about diversity...

Source: Variety
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