Dirty Dancing remake

Pat and his star

When a 17-years-late sequel to an 80s classic failed to capture the original's essence and box-office results, there isn't much choice: remake it and sucker in younger, unsuspecting audiences. It worked for a bunch of horror films, so why not chick flicks too?

And so it is that according to Production Weekly, Lionsgate is developing a remake of the Swayze "classic" DIRTY DANCING on a "new" script by Julia Dahl, a lady whose one and only feature-film writing credit is the 2003 so-so Brit Murphy/Dakota Fanning vehicle UPTOWN GIRLS.The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation is drooling already.

No word yet on casting or director, but does it matter? They're gonna do it anyway, and it'll probably make enough money to warrant a sequel of its own. With RED DAWN on its way and now this one, who wants to put money on how long it'll take for a GHOST remake to be announced? Swayze's entire 80s catalog is being combed, it seems...

Extra Tidbit: Anyone who feels this is a good idea care to speculate on casting?
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