Disney and Bruckheimer traveling at Lightspeed

As Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer are about to release their latest blockbuster, PRINCE OF PERSIA, this weekend, they're already teaming up for their next adventure. Disney paid a whopping $3.5 million for a pitch from Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilli (DEJA VU) titled LIGHTSPEED that's described as an epic space adventure.

Before we go any further, I should probably explain the photo to the right as I'm sure you're staring at it right now. Are Disney and Bruckheimer teaming up to make a movie about hot chicks making out on a couch? No (at least not yet), that's just one of the first photos that came up when I searched "lightspeed" on Google. So take that for what it's worth (the internet is so clogged with porn that even Googling a scientific term returns something sexual).

While LIGHTSPEED will presumably have no lipstick lesbians, it will follow a young space pilot with the Earth Interstellar Racing Team (or EIRT, which is a terrible acronym) and must fly across the galaxy for some reason or another (likely something that puts the fate of the universe at risk if my knowledge of past movies is any indicator).

The film is being envisioned as a live-action 3D summer tentpole and Disney wouldn't have paid so much for the film if they weren't serious about developing it. Bruckheimer and Rossio have worked together to bring Disney the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and NATIONAL TREASURE films and you can take that for what it's worth when deciding whether or not you want to be excited about LIGHTSPEED. (And if you really want to get excited about lightspeed, just use Google Images.)

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if Bruckheimer's assistant's assistant has an assistant...
Source: Variety



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