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Disney does Opposite


Lizzie Shue, and quite nice too...

Wasn't that the subject of a Spongebob episode? Should say so to Disney production president Oren Aviv who claims his idea to be an original one...

The studio is developing a pitch called OPPOSITE DAY with a screenplay commissioned from NANCY DREW scribe Tiffany Paulsen who's also contracted by the Mouse to pen FURTHER ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING. 'Cause the original is an 80s classic so it HAS to be desecrated.  Though if they get Vincent D'Onofrio back as Thor, I'll forgive that late sequel.

The film will see a poor schmuck who's forced to spend an entire day doing the exact opposite of what he normally would. Is it me or would that make a perfectly crappish book-end to Jim Carrey's YES MAN and LIAR LIAR which I both gladly ignored?

Extra Tidbit: Absolutely no related pic to post, so here's ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING's star Elisabeth Shue. Enjoy, I know I do.



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