Disney done w/ sequels

Disney Not all sequels, mind you. Just the cheap direct-to-DVD sequels of classic films like BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and THE LITTLE MERMAID that Disney has been consistently churning out for the last few years. Feeling a need to go back to a time before Disney started whoring their characters for a quick buck, John Lasseter and Ed Catmull, who took over Disney's animation division, Disney Toon Studios when Disney bought Pixar, have decided they'll no longer put up with Disney's cheapo direct-to-DVD sequel whoring. They've decided that even the direct-to-DVD features need to be as original and thought-provoking as Pixar's CG features. Lasseter and Catmull had previously expressed their contempt for the poor quality of Disney's direct-to-DVD sequels so it's good to see they've taken action to put an end to them. The first original DVD feature will be a film starring Tinkerbell and an original line-up of fairy characters (a film we've mentioned before).

Extra Tidbit: The last direct-to-DVD sequel to be made will be THE LITTLE MERMAID III: UNDA DA SEA BOOGALOO.
Source: MSN News



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