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Disney finally choses director for Maleficent, the live action Sleeping Beauty spinoff


A whole range of big name directors have been interested in the live-action SLEEPING BEAUTY spinoff MALEFICENT at one point  or another, including Darren Aronofsky Tim Burton, David O. Rusell and Guillermo Del Toro. But Disney has announced today that they've chosen Robert Stromberg. 

Who? Well, he was the production designer on AVATAR, ALIVE IN WONDERLAND and Disney's upcoming OZ film. He's won an oscar for Art Direction on the first two films and was also nominated for visual effects on MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD. This will be his directorial debut.

If you're somehow unfamiliar with SLEEPING BEAUTY, Maleficent is the sorceress who curses the poor main character to die on her 16th birthday, but a good fairy instead counters it by putting Sleeping Beauty in a coma until a prince comes along to kiss her.

Angelina Jolie is still attached to star as the titular character. 

Source: Deadline



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