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Disney jumps in Hulu


Disney has become part of the Hulu hoop, joining the popular video streaming site as a partner in the venture.

The House of Mouse will throw in material from its subsidiary, the ABC network, to join the available shows and movies from NBC and Fox, making CBS the only kid not on the Hulu kickball team (they stream shows on sites like Joost, MSN and AOL).

ABC/Disney will provide shows such as "Lost" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to the site, which already offers its 40+ million monthly visitors free (albeit ad-supported - though you can vote on the ads) access to recent airings, clips and archives of favorites like "The Simpsons", "The Daily Show", "Fringe", "The Colbert Report", "House", "24" and "Saturday Night Live", plus feature films (like the 80s classic THREE O'CLOCK HIGH).

And you wonder why DVD sales are getting slow?

Extra Tidbit: In a clear shot at YouTube, NBC honcho Jeff Zucker describes Hulu as "a safe environment unpolluted by videos of cats on skateboards."
Source: NY Times



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