Disney launches Airman

Airman book cover

I know CGI technology looks amazing nowadays, but POLAR EXPRESSED just creeped me out, so does Zemeckis have to keep making those damn motion-capture thingies? I'm starting to fear a BTTF remake with that technique...

He won't be directing this one, but it'll still be the same schtick. Zemeckis' Image Mover set up joins forces with Disney for a $150M mo-cap adaptation of Eoin Colfer's recent young adults best-seller AIRMAN. CITY OF EMBER directed Gil Keenan steps behind cameras, with a script by Ann Peacock who also wrote the first Narnia film.

The book is a kind of steampunk take on "Count of Monte Cristo" where a young man escapes wrongful incarceration, collects a fortune and builds flying contraptions to save his family and a princess he's got the hots for from the man who framed him. That would be SO cool if done in live-action. And wouldn't cost half as much. Isn't there a recession going on?

Extra Tidbit: At least BEOWULF gave us an approximation of full frontal Angelina Jolie nudity...
Source: Variety



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