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Disney locks in Gore Verbinski for Lone Ranger


He's been swirling the project for a long while now, but Disney has finally nailed Gore Verbinski down to officially direct THE LONE RANGER.

Longtime collaborator Johnny Depp is still attached to play Tonto, but the Ranger himself is still a mystery.

Verbinski's lastest project is another Depp feature where the actor voices a lizard for RANGO, which looks suitably bizarre but fairly intriguing. It seems unlikely it'll be a blockbuster compared to the duos past work on PIRATES though.

I miss the days when Gore Verbinksi was attached to the BIOSHOCK movie which was the best hope for a good video game film we've had so far. But that project is underwater (hah), and I guess I have to hope that David O. Russell doesn't f*ck up UNCHARTED too badly. There's always Brett Ratner's GOD OF WAR though!

Extra Tidbit: I wonder how ON STRANGER TIDES will differ from the others without him at the helm.
Source: Deadline



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