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Disney now developing a Cruella de Ville film, simply titled Cruella


Well, I hope you like live-action Disney movies based on the original animated classics, because the studio isn't letting up on their newfound passion for them. Disney is turning cartoon characters into live-action goldmines one after another, which began of late with Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND and is transitioning to Angelina Jolie's MALEFICENT in May 2014 and then to Kenneth Branagh's CINDERELLA in March 2015. After that, it appears that another classic Disney villain will be going live action - again - as Cruella De Ville is set to make another appearance in her own film, simply titled CRUELLA, which is being penned by CINDERELLA writer Aline Brosh McKenna.

Original live-action Cruella De Ville, Glenn Close, who portrayed the character in 101 DALMATIONS and it's sequel 102 DALMATIONS, will serve as executive producer on the solo film. The character was first introduced in the 1961 animated film of 101 DALMATIONS and is noted for her "two-face" esque appearance and penchant for stealing dalmation puppies. It's interesting that Disney is placing so much confidence in their female-driven heroines and villains from past animated films, but it feels like one of the safest gambles they could take. I mean, you've got five-decades worth of momentum for these characters; I'd say that improves your odds of a feature version taking off.

No word on story details or release date on CRUELLA, but consider yourself warned. The Disney vault is opening up and about to flood you with live-action cartoon adaptations.

Extra Tidbit: For shits and giggles: Which classic Disney character do you think most deserves the live-action treatment?



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