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Disney-Pixar want to know if you Brave fans are ready for some NFL football


Disney has been trying the same marketing technique with Pixar's BRAVE that they did with TANGLED a couple of years ago: take a female-centric film and make it seem appealing to both genders. Both Disney and Pixar have an excellent track record but they are definitely playing it safe with BRAVE as to not alienate the little boys out there who may be put off by a female protagonist.

That being said, tonight begins the 2012 NFL Draft, which is a major programming block for ESPN, which is owned by Disney. So, they decided to make a commercial that plays up the rugged, masculine, sporty moments in BRAVE. Take a look:

I am planning on seeing BRAVE in theaters either way. Being one of those insane NFL fans that actually watches the entire draft, I hope they don't air this ad to the point of over-saturation.

BRAVE opens June 22nd.

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