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Disney princesses get drawn with the intention of giving you a hard-on


You know, this is the second news item in a little under a week where I mention having an erection in the headline. I should be utterly, utterly ashamed of myself...

But, c'est la vie! The slow news morning has afforded me the opportunity to post the following hot drawings of Disney princesses, courtesy of pervy comic book artist J. Scott Campbell. And... I don't know, I'm taken slightly aback by rapey Captain Hook, rapey Beast, and rapey Mirror Mirror on the Wall. But then again... can you blame them? (Wow, what a horrible question, don't answer it!)

Check out more of J. Scott Campbell's work at his official website RIGHT HERE.

(This "news item" is dedicated to my chum "Luca"... if you're reading this, holla at a brotha and for the love of all things sacred please zip that thing back up!)

Extra Tidbit: Campbell is also the dude behind Genął and Danger Girl.



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