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Disney releases two new pics from Brave and Frankenweenie


This was not the best year for Disney. Let's leave their live-action miscues aside for a moment and instead focus on animation. After four straight Best Animated Film Oscars, Disney/Pixar will be lucky to even get nominated this year with CARS 2. WINNIE THE POOH was sweet enough, but never really caught on and the sooner you forget about GNOMEO AND JULIET and MARS NEEDS MOMS the better. But 2012 looks to be an up year.

Pixar is releasing their first fairy tale, BRAVE, and Disney is back in business with Tim Burton, with a feature adaptation of FRANKENWEENIE, the short film Burton created at Disney back when he was an animator.

Disney has released new images for each film, presumably as part of their 2012 Preview (which hasn't been formally released yet). Take a look at the shots below and see which of these (if not both) you're most interested in.

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