Disney wants to ask us to the Prom

With this article about Disney's upcoming movie PROM, I wanted to include a my prom photo because I thought you could all use a good laugh at my expense this morning. Sadly I couldn't find it (but there's plenty of other funny prom pics on the web - see right). But as mentioned, Disney is looking to help everyone flashback (or flashforward?) to the prom with their upcoming comedy PROM.

While you might immediately be thinking something along the lines of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, Disney is reportedly looking to make this more like a John Hughes or Cameron Crowe film. To reach that end, they've hired Joe Hussbaum, director of AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS: THE NAKED MILE. I'm not sure what they saw in that direct-to-DVD sequel that made them think of vintage Hughes / Crowe but so be it.

The good news is that the film won't be a musical but will likely follow the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL mold of casting unknowns in the nine lead roles (though I think that's less a creative strategy and more a cost-saving one). Many have tried to create the quintessential "prom" movie and many have failed. PRETTY IN PINK is probably the best in recent memory and I don't think that's very recent at all (of course, CARRIE is awesome for completely different reasons).

Disney is still waiting for a script before they decide whether to give the film a greenlight.

Extra Tidbit: You've seen "Jersey Shore" so imagine what my prom at the Jersey Shore was like. Just imagine it.
Source: Variety



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