Disney's Frog villain

Normally I wouldn't bother writing about voice talent joining an animated Disney feature, but I'll do it today for a couple of reasons: A) Hollywood basically took the week off and news is scarce, and B) Keith David is cool.

David is the cat who told Chuck Sheen to keep his "pecker hard and powder dry" in PLATOON, who fought arctic alien infestation in THE THING, who had a 20-minute knuckle-sandwich argument with Roddy Piper about wearing sunglasses in THEY LIVE, who suffered one of Sam Raimi's more creatively filmed kills in THE QUICK AND THE DEAD. Dudes don't come much cooler than that.

He's also provided his gravelly voice to numerous animated films and series, including SPAWN, GARGOYLES and JUSTICE LEAGUE. And now he'll rumble for Disney's upcoming traditional-toon THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, in which he'll throw vocals as Dr. Facilier, the evil nemesis of a New Orleans princess (played by DREAMGIRLS chanteuse Anika Noni Rose). The movie is due in 2009.
Extra Tidbit: Keith David's "Bacon Number" is 1 (NOVOCAINE).



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