Disney's next big action epic will star...a hover car operator?

Boy does Disney have a lot riding on TRON: LEGACY or what? Regardless of all the money they've poured into the film's production and P&A costs, and the TV series in development based on the flim, now they're looking on developing similar projects based on the presumed success of TRON.

The studio has picked up the rights to Matthew Reilly's novel "Hover Car Racer" with plans on turning it into an techno-action movie set in a futuristic world of gaming and racing (sound familiar?). The film will follow a hover car operator who must escort an informant to safety while under hot pursuit by corrupt government agents.

Commercials director Fredrik Bond, who at one point was attached to direct Universal's remake of THE HOST (which is long dead, BTW), is attached to direct with actor Blaise Hemingway making his feature writing debut on the script.

As you might expect from a film about hover cars, the project is being conceived in 3D with a healthy toyline to accompany the film.

Extra Tidbit: Admit it, you're singing the monorail song right now...
Source: LA Times



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