District 9 compound

Update: The picture contains a cypher that says the first trailer for the film will be available on Apple tomorrow, May 1st. Hells yeah!!

DISTRICT 9 Those lucky bastids over at "Comingsoon.net" recently landed a cool new pic of the Neill Blomkamp directed and Peter Jackson produced sci fi thriller DISTRICT 9 showing the entrance to the titular slums to which the story's extra-terrestrial race is relegated. When a government agent is exposed to their biotechnology, however, he rallies to their cause. Aside from James Cameron's ridiculously secretive AVATAR, this movie is the most well-kept major studio secret. It's just three months away and this is the first official picture we've seen. We're being saturated with media for every other summer blockbuster except this. What gives? Let's get moving, marketing people! Some of us actually want to see a shit ton of media for this movie. It opens August 14th. Click on the alien's legs to see the full pic.

Extra Tidbit: Let's get at least a teaser for this sucker, already!
Source: Comingsoon.net



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