District 9 creators never planned for sequel

DISTRICT 9 co-writer Terri Tatchell has found herself nominated for an Oscar for her work with Neill Blomkamp on that film. She also finds herself working on a follow-up to a movie that she never intended to follow-up on. At the Oscar luncheon yesterday, Tatchell said that she likes the ending of DISTRICT 9 to wrap up the story and that she and Blomkamp "never in a million years planned for a sequel." But they probably also never planned to get a Best Picture nomination but that happened to and when that happens, especially for a genre film, the talk of sequels heat up. So where do they take the story?

Tatchell said yesterday that a good portion of the original film followed MNU's efforts inside the mothership but it had to be cut because of time and budgetary constraints. With Blomkamp recently saying he's much more interested in a prequel to DISTRICT 9, could they reuse some of their cut set pieces in their new film?

Details on what they're planning for DISTRICT 8 (or whatever they'd call it) are pretty much non-existent but the idea of exploring what happened when the aliens first landed in Johannesburg is the far more compelling story to tell at this point than the further adventures of man-prawn Wikus. What do you think? What would you like to see explored in the next DISTRICT 9 film?

Extra Tidbit: Don't expect a videogame based off DISTRICT 9 (even though that would be pretty cool).
Source: HitFix



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