District 9 sequel won't be next for Neill Blomkamp

A sequel to DISTRICT 9 has certainly been on the mind of director, Neill Blomkamp. News of when Blomkamp might do a second installment has been tossed about since the movie initially came out last year, even though a follow-up was never planned.

Before the Academy Awards, MTV talked to the director about being at the ceremony. He was obviously taken back by the insanity of the experience, then he was asked about the sequel. Blomkamp is currently working on another sci-fi film, but the prawns will definitely return.

Check out the video below to see the quick chat with Blomkamp.

Extra Tidbit: Sharlto Copley ad-libbed all his lines during the "documentary" sequences for D9. "Oh! I haven't shown you a picture of my wife! Here she is, my angel. I tell people she actually looks like an angel, you see here? The white looks like a halo on her head. Can you see that? She's my angel, you're picking that up on your cameras there! They probably won't keep that in the film but... "
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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