Disturbia sequel planned

I saw DISTURBIA on a plane, shortly after I had seen TRANSFORMERS and was convinced that Shia Labeouf was on par with the second coming. Now, I was a little disappointed in it, The Beef and the chick in the pool next door aside, but clearly the team behind it did something right, because the movie somehow managed to take in some $115 million. And in a Hollywood that inexplicably alienates fans by toning down R-rated no-brainers and remake masterpieces, the one thing that we can always count on is that coin equals sequel. Pure and absolute speculation would have me saying that The Beef won't be back, since with his career arc where it is right now, even if this film is prepped and ready in a year, by then he should have already solidified himself as Hollywood's most coveted leading man, won six Oscars and have several temples in worship of his manhood at different points across the globe. As yet, no one is attached to the sequel and it's yet to be seen how this thing develops.
Extra Tidbit: The flick was known as 'PARANOIA' in Russia.



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