Disturbia trailer

Schmoe tal tells us that the new trailer for an upcoming thriller called DISTURBIA aired during tonight's episode of "Smallville" but, in case you missed it for some reason, be it you were somewhere else, like a cockfight or a pawn shop, or you simply farted really loudly for a straight two and a half minutes, it's now available fer lookin' at right HERE at Yahoo. About a teenager living under house arrest who becomes convinced his next-door neighbor is a serial killer, DISTURBIA seems to be taking a cue from THE 'BURBS, a movie that imagined what REAR WINDOW might be like if it was funny, by imagining what THE 'BURBS might be like if it was serious. The trailer has its moments and the movie could be worthwhile since it co-stars David Morse as said peculiar neighbor, and THE SALTON SEA director D.J. Caruso is at the helm. Shia LaBeouf, GRUDGE 2 hotstuff Sarah Roemer, and Carrie Anne-Moss also star. DISTURBIA opens April 13th.

Extra Tidbit: Shia LaBeouf was reportedly considered for the role of Jimmy Olsen in SUPERMAN RETURNS before it went to Sam Huntington.
Source: Yahoo Movies



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