Dive into the Ocean

Nice to see someone in Hollywood grasping the brilliance of dangerously prolific comic scribe Warren Ellis. Production company Hollywood Gang, one of the (many) people behind the mega-smash 300, has grabbed the rights to OCEAN, a sci-fi comic tale from Ellis and artist Chris Sprouse.

The story follows a weapons inspector dispatched to Jupiter, where a deep space research team has found some interesting things under an icy moon's surface: coffins containing a slumbering humanoid race, and weapons capable of planetary destruction. Further complicating matters are a glitchy corporate rival, and the fact that the aliens appear to be awakening.

Ellis, undoubtedly my favorite comic writer working today (a LOT), has somehow not met with success in Hollywood (a series based on his GLOBAL FREQUENCY book never made it past pilot). Let's hope this is a sign of good fortune -- I want a big-budget PLANETARY series on HBO, dammit.
Extra Tidbit: The recent IRON MAN story arc "Extremis", written by Ellis, provided much of the basis for Jon Favreau's upcoming movie.
Source: Variety



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