D.J. Caruso talks about directing the Dead Space adaptation and expects a screenplay in a few months

The amount of time I spent playing Dead Space was sad. I pussied out and stopped playing after an hour. Lame.

Actually, the closest I ever got to completing this game was watching the animated movie. (It's sort of disappointing.)

While on the set of I AM NUMBER FOUR, director D.J. Caruso (DISTURBIA, EAGLE EYE) spoke a bit about helming the Dead Space film, "Playing that game was one of the scariest gaming experiences I've had in my entire life. So I think the nuances of that and trying to capture that in the movie [are intriguing]." Movement on the film has been a bit slow, due to the fact that the team assembled for the project had other obligations. Caruso doesn't seem too worried about it, "The cool thing about 'Dead Space' is we've had a few offers to set it up. Once I started ['I Am Number Four'] and [producer] Wyck Godfrey and all those other guys got really busy on the 'Twilight' movies because they're kicking butt over there, so we're gonna get back and talk about it [once everyone's time frees up]."

Caruso says that they are also pulling some ideas together, also concerning where the movie will begin, "We've got a really good sort of storyline. It's almost a prequel, sort of, to where the game picks up." He also mentioned some obstacles they were trying to get through, "It's one of those things where the storytelling of it and trying to get into the prequel [is a challenge]. You have have the whole sort of brainwash-y/Scientology thing and ultimately the Necromorphs. It's interesting to try to get the major studios to understand that this [isn't 'Event Horizon.'] So you've got to sort of steer their brain out of that. So we're fighting some of those elements. ... I'm still looking forward to getting going."

One of the main issues, according to Caruso, is finding someone to pen the screenplay. They have shopped around and hope to get draft in the next few months, "We don't have a writer for it yet, but... right before I left we were listening to different writers and taking different pitches. We have to decide on a couple once we get back what we're going to do. We've tried to crack the story a few different ways, so I know when we get back we're going to get into it and I feel like we'll have a screenplay in a few months. It'll hopefully be ready to go."

Extra Tidbit: What's the scariest game you ever played? Kung-Fu Panda does not count.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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