UPDATED: Hoax! Do you want to see a trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness? All it takes is a click!

UPDATE 2:  Confirmed hoax from Paramount Pictures.  So, whatever attention-getting brat put this together to conduct his/her college thesis experiment on how to get people to like their page has been exposed.  I will be clicking the unlike post-haste and I recommend you do the same. 


This one is pretty simple, folks.  You click over to STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS' Facebook page, click like, have your friends and family click like and we hold Paramount to its word, which is that they will debut the first trailer once they've reached 500,000 likes.  I think the Schmoe-verse can put a pretty hefty dent in that...and FAST!  Let's show the rest of the internet what's up!

Now, we could go back and forth on this and call it hype-mongering or trailer blackmail or dismiss it as "they'll premiere it when they want, anyway," but I'm sure some of the stuff you've "liked" already is just as preposterous.  The point is; you've got nothing to lose. 

Director J.J. Abrams already toyed with the Trekkie emotions with the infamous 3-frame clip, so some of you may feel like you're being duped again...and I couldn't blame you.  It was the equivalent of a .005 second boob flash.

So, it's on you.  Click "like."  Don't click "like."  It's in your hands. (edited note: DON'T DO IT).

Either way, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS will debut a trailer sooner or later and sail into theaters on May 17, 2013.

Here's Zoe Saldana...for your troubles...

Extra Tidbit: Do you visit official movie Facebook pages?
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