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Dobkin flashes us

Iíve been avoiding posting stories on the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, partly because everyone is doing it for me, and partly because I strongly, strongly disagree with its making. Or more specifically, its inclusion of Batman while Warner Bros. already has a thriving Batman franchise. Thatís plain greediness. But Iím going to write about David Dobkin (FRED CLAUS) signing on to direct a new FLASH movie, because if I didnít, Iíd be neglecting my duties as an online movie journalist. In other words, itís pretty big news.

Dobkin recently spoke with the MTV Movie Blog, where he confirmed the news, and added that this film will be an eventual spin-off from the JLA film. This means that whoever gets cast in the role of the Flash will most-likely star in this one as well. Dobkin strikes me as an odd choice, considering heís the man behind THE WEDDING CRASHERS, but Iíve never been one to pigeonhole directors into a certain genre. After all, the man behind HAPPY FEET is directing JLA.

There are several versions of the Flash character, and Dobkin confirmed that his Flash will be the ĎWally Westí incarnation, furthering rumors that JLA will open with Barry Allenís (the previous Flash) funeral. And in case you think Dobkinís Flash will feature Vince Vaughan, running around in red tights while doing his schtick, fear not: Dobkin has said the tagline for this film will be Ďyou can't outrun yourself.í So expect something dark and deep, like my soul.

Extra Tidbit: Previously attached directors have been Shawn Levy (NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM) and David Goyer.
Source: MTV Movies



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