Doctor Evil movie?

Apparently Mike Myers is considering stepping back into the shoes of one of his best ever characters; Doctor Evil! Myers, when asked during his promotion of SHREK 3, said:

"I have figured out that the story will be taken from the point of Doctor Evil...It will be powered from Doctor Evil's point of view...That will be the first of a trilogy. ... I'm just joking! ... I haven't figured it all out. Who knows?"

I'm pretty sure that this would be extremely well-received. I know I think it's a great idea, anyway. Maybe a fourth flick about Austin would be too many, but I definitely like the concept of looking at things from the (very warped) perspective of Mr. Evil (Dr. rather... He didn't spend six years in Evil Medical School school to be called 'Mr'... right...). The only problem I can see is that the AUSTIN POWERS movies always had really sexy love interests, whereas, as far as I can remember, I was disgusted when we got to see what Dr. Evil got up to in the bedroom. I don't know if I could stomach something like that again. So maybe no love interest for this one? I guess only time will tell.
Extra Tidbit: Colin Quinn was originally offered the role of Scott Evil.
Source: SciFi Wire



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