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Leaked script pages have Doctor Strange taking place before The Avengers


Comic Con next week should hopefully shed light on what is coming in Phase Three from Marvel because until then we are just speculating and grabbing at every rumor that comes across our plates. While some are more outlandish than others, the ones concerning DOCTOR STRANGE seem to have the most validity to them.

Comic Book Movie is claiming to have gotten their hands on three pages from the screenplay for DOCTOR STRANGE (using the working title EYE SEE YOU). Here is their summary:

"Nick Fury and SHIELD locate a strong power reading from a mountain in Tibet. Another person is in the same room with Fury and also sees a green-like radiation pulsing from the mountain and asks Fury is it's terrestrial. Fury says it is being analyzed but he hasn't seen such a power surge since Bruce Banner had an accident with Gamma Rays. Fury concludes by saying the Black Widow is in the vicinity and will investigate but until she sends a report, SHIELD is not sure what the proper response is at the moment.

"Then, the third page starts with Doctor Strange begin tired and goes to lay down for the night and in the morning is awakened by his trusted partner Wong. Strange is brought some coffee. Strange sits up and has some menial banter with Wong and grabs a newspaper. The first headline on the paper talks about a giant earthquake in New York, while the second headline says that Tony Stark is officially Iron Man. His response to the Stark headline is, 'Lucky bastard.'"

The lead in of hearing about Tony Stark's press conference would set the events prior to IRON MAN which means they could introduce Strange in THE AVENGERS 2 and his standalone would serve as a prequel. This seems a little confusing but we are also basing this off of second hand information. My question is less how the films link and whether or not the script is any good as a whole.

DOCTOR STRANGE is another Marvel character that die hard fans know but the average person may not be familiar with. Assuming these pages are real, Marvel must have a plan in place to bring the character into the fold, especially if they are aiming for him to be a large enough figure to take Robert Downey Jr.'s place as the central figure of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Stay tuned to JoBlo.com next week for news from Comic Con as it develops.



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