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Does Charlie Sheen want Scary Movie 5 to have more Charlie Sheen?


I know that quite a few people watched the Roast of Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central that aired recently. I recorded it on my DVR but have yet to watch it.

The last time that Charlie Sheen was in a movie was 2010s DUE DATE and it was a cameo. Now there's word that Sheen could be returning to the SCARY MOVIE franchise.

In March, Harvey Weinstein had extended an offer to Sheen to take part in SCARY MOVIE 5. It seems that now the actor, since he's on his best behavior for now, is taking Weinstein up on the role. Winning! Or not....

I could really give two craps less about the SCARY MOVIE series. It's basically just the same boring gags over and over. Still they make some decent coin and give 13-year olds something to do on the weekend.

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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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