Does the "sizzle reel" for Sean Connery's Sir Billi actually sizzle? (Answer: No.)

SIR BILLI, Sean Connery's first film since THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN and the first animated feature from Scotland, isn't slated for release till sometime next year. So perhaps the animation we're seeing in the "sizzle reel" below is not actually terrible and like something out of a 10-year old video game, but rather simply incomplete? But then, why release this video for all to see without some sort of disclaimer? I don't really get it, but I am laughing (unintentionally).

A sizzle reel from Sir Sean Connery's forthcoming animated feature film 'Sir Billi', produced in Scotland from independent animation studio Glasgow Animation and Billi Productions - Scotland's first full length animation feature film - due in cinemas next year! Stars, the iconic Connery, Alan Cumming, Miriam Margolyes, Ruby Wax, Ford Kiernan, Greg Hempill, Alex Norton, Barbara Rafferty, Larry Sullivan, Amy Sacco, Chris Jai Alex and John Amabile. They have amazingly recruited the legend Dame Shirley Bassey to sing the opening title track, reunited the original and best Bond and Bassey since their Goldfinger days! Sir Billi - the kind of Grandpa we all wish we had....go get 'em Scotland!

Extra Tidbit: Why is that goat wearing a GAME OF DEATH track suit? God, I think I wanna watch this high.



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