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Does this new full-length trailer for The Lone Ranger spur your desire to see the movie?


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So until I watched the trailer in front of LINCOLN the other day, I had more or less completely forgotten that THE LONE RANGER even existed. It was, granted, the same trailer we'd seen before. But still - it's still so strange that we're getting a big budget version of this story, one to which I have such little personal connection or investment, that I just plum forgot it was even releasing. Of course, the fact that hasn't been much promotional material at all didn't exactly help matters.

But I imagine that's all going to change soon as we ride closer to the six month mark prior to THE LONE RANGER's release, and this trailer is definitely one way to get the ball rolling.  Whilst the last centered on the importance of trains as described in a powerful voiceover from the always-impressive Tom Wilkinson, today's trailer takes the other track and centers on an expansion of the relationship between Armie Hammer's John Reid (aka The Lone Ranger) and Johnny Depp's Tonto.  One thing's for sure: the movie looks beautiful.  Bleakly, stunningly so.  Director Gore Verbinski has only become better at the filmmaking craft with every project he's done - here's to hoping that he and his PIRATES screenwriters Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio were able to rein themselves in when it came to story length and pacing. 

Extra Tidbit: All in all, I'd say that this trailer succeeded in getting me more excited for THE LONE RANGER. But what about you? Though I do agree with the thoughts below regarding Johnny Depp's treatment of Tonto's English - if he wanted to pay homage to the stereotypical speak used in the original series, fine, but part of Depp's passion behind this project had to do with shifting the way Native Americans were portrayed in Hollywood. So I'm a bit lost.



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