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Does Tron: Legacy want you to play Duck Hunt?


Whenever a mysterious FedEx arrives from Flynn Lives, I never know what to expect when I open it up. Today, I received this:

Yes, that is an 8-bit style mosaic of a duck shooting a machine gun. What does that have to do with TRON: LEGACY? Well, f*ck if I know so that's where you come in. The only other thing in the envelope was a piece of paper with the following quote:

"The game is far from over...see you on the grid. --Zack"

At the bottom of the note was a link to ArcadeAid.com, the TRON viral site that's been bouncing around since March. I visited the site but didn't notice much new at first glance. So what do you make of this readers? A duck turning the tables on humans and apparently the game is far from over. Hmmm....

Extra Tidbit: If the duck misses the hunter, does the dog still laugh?
Source: JoBlo.com



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