Doing Jessica Simpson

I'm not 100% positive I would consider Jessica Simpson an "actress"... or if she can even form complete sentences. I do know, however, that she looks enticing in certain attire. Like, nominal.

Oh, and she'll be in some new theoretical comedy called MAJOR MOVIE STAR, which just landed a director. Steve Miner will drive down the curious career path that has previously included a HALLOWEEN and two FRIDAY THE 13th sequels, plus the C. Thomas Howell horror movie SOUL MAN. His most recent task was remaking George Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD, which (so I hear) may actually skip theaters and instead stink up your local video store.

But back to Jessica Simpson, as she's pretty hot. This movie (five years in the making, because great things take time!) finds her as a spoiled celebrity who joins the Marines to prove she's worthy of the lead in a military movie. I'm sure the troops will feel supported. Or possibly erect.
Extra Tidbit: Simpson supposedly possesses a "natural DD" bust. Coincidentally, my initials are DD. My bust is not.
Source: Variety



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