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Donkey Kong, Centipede & Q-Bert are showcased in this new Pixels featurette



Director Chris Columbus (HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE, HOME ALONE) hasn't directed a film for theaters since 2010's PERCY JACKSON, and if WRECK-IT RALPH proved anything, it's that audiences like to see video games in their feature films. PIXELS aims to bring arcade classics into a live-action realm as aliens assimilate arcade heroes and villains in order to destroy us. Sounds legit. If there's one aspect that's most believable, it's that Adam Sandler is the king of the nerds. A new featurette has hit giving you an idea of what challenges his team is in for.

Chris Columbus has always struck me as a pretty vanilla director, but that doesn't mean he can't deliver something fun. Frankly, I think if anyone else besides Adam Sandler was in the leading role, this movie would be looked at in a more favorable light. Thank the Gods for the Dinklage, eh? In any case this movie might provide some family fun, but I don't know how it'll compare to other summer flicks of its nature like JURASSIC WORLD or INSIDE OUT.

PIXELS aims to annihilate in theaters on July 24, 2015.


Source: Sony Pictures



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