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Don't look at these animated Prometheus images if you have issues with eyeballs


On the heels of the first twelve minutes of PROMETHEUS being screened comes a set of new images, some of which are animated!

These images are not entirely new since they appear in the various teasers and TV spots, but seeing them on their own just exemplifies the detail that Ridley Scott has put into this film.

PROMETHEUS is definitely gaining steam as more and more comes out about the film. I could not help myself and read the spoilers posted yesterday (which, really, are non-spoilers if you ask me) and they did nothing but increase my desire to see this movie.

Good grief! If that happens to Charlize's eyeball, I will never be able to look at her without thinking that she has worms! Awful. My eyes are watering as I write this up.

PROMETHEUS opens in 58 days.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, my eyes hurt just looking at that!
Source: Hey U Guys



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