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Don't talk about these new details about the Fight Club comic book sequel


Can you tell it is Comic-con week yet? Things are getting exciting folks and so to keep it going here are some new details surrounding Chuck Palahniuk’s anticipated comic sequel to his novel Fight Club. The novel as you know spawned an amazing little movie you may have heard of. Last year at Comic-Con, Palahniuk revealed the existence of the sequel as a comic book. The Fight Club sequel was in its early stages at the time, with no artist being named and only a basic plot outline being revealed. Well it’s been a year, what’s up you ask?

USA Today revealed new details about the project:

  • The series is simply titled Fight Club 2
  • Palahniuk will script the comic himself
  • Cameron Stewart will provide the interior artwork and David Mack will handle the covers
  • The ten-issue mini-series will be published by Dark Horse Comics
  • The first issue is scheduled for release on April 8, 2015

Here’s a cover for Fight Club 2 from David Mack:

As revealed last year, Fight Club 2 is set ten years after the events of the novel and will feature flashback scenes. Contrary to the events of the film version, the unnamed narrator has prevented Project Mayhem from destroying Western civilization and is now married to Marla Singer. The two have a nine-year-old son named Junior. Fight Club 2 looks to deal with the re-emergence of Project Mayhem and the narrator's twisted alter ego, Tyler Durden.

Palahniuk suggested a more supernatural side to Durden this time around saying "Tyler is something that maybe has been around for centuries and is not just this aberration that's popped into his mind." Cameron Stewart told USA Today that the comic "is as much a meta-fictional comment on the cultural response to Fight Club as it is a sequel." I sure hope this comic gets adapted into a film, that’s an obvious request right?

Palahniuk will be attending a Fight Club panel at SDCC this Saturday along with FIGHT CLUB movie director David Fincher. Stay tuned for more!

Source: USAToday



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